Ravana Waterfalls in Sri Lanka

 Ravana Waterfalls in Sri Lanka

Moreover, Ravana Waterfalls, also called Ravana Falls, is a popular visitor appeal positioned inside the hill country of Sri Lanka.” here are some key information about Rawan Falls:traveling from Colombo to Ravana Waterfalls  in Sri Lanka can be an thrilling journey that takes you via a few stunning landscapes. right here’s a detailed guide on the way to get there:

Distance and travel Time

•             Distance: about two hundred kilometers (124 miles).

•             tour Time: round five-6 hours by using avenue, depending on visitors and climate conditions

journey alternatives

1. via automobile or Taxi

route: The most common direction is thru the Southern throughway (E01) and then connecting to the A2 motorway and sooner or later the A23 motorway.

1.            Take the Southern expressway (E01) from Colombo toward Matara.

2.            exit at the Godagama interchange and take the A2 dual carriageway towards Wellawaya.

3   From Wellawaya, take the A23 highway towards Ella.

4     Ravana Waterfalls  is positioned alongside the A23 motorway, only some kilometers before Ella metropolis.

price: Renting a vehicle can fee around $forty-70 consistent with day. Hiring a taxi for a one-manner journey can price around $60-a hundred.

2. with the aid of Bus

path: there is no direct bus from Colombo to Ravana Waterfalls however you may take a bus to Wellawaya after which every other bus or tuk-tuk to the falls.

1.            from the Colombo significant Bus Stand (Pettah), take a bus to Wellawaya. Buses to Wellawaya are frequent and typically leave every hour.

2.            from Wellawaya, take a neighborhood bus heading towards Ella and get off at Ravana Falls.

fee: about $5-10 for the entire adventure.

3. by means of educate

direction: Take a train from Colombo castle Railway Station to Ella and then a quick taxi or tuk-tuk journey to Ravana Falls.

1.            Take a educate from Colombo fortress Railway Station to Ella. The educate adventure is scenic, passing thru lovely landscapes and tea plantations.

2.            From Ella, lease a tuk-tuk or taxi to Ravana Falls, which is set 6 kilometers away.

cost: teach tickets range from $1-10 depending on the class of travel. A tuk-tuk ride from Ella to Ravana Falls will cost around $five-10.


District: Badulla District

Proximity to towns: close to the city of Ella, that is a 9aaf3f374c58e8c9dcdd1ebf10256fa5 visitor vacation spot in Sri Lanka.

Coordinates: approximately 6°fifty two’35.1″N eighty one°03’30.5″E


The Ravana Falls, standing at approximately 25 meters (82 feet) in height, is a cascading waterfall characterized by multiple tiers. It is easily accessible from the main road (A23 highway) connecting Ella and Wellawaya, making it convenient for visitors. The best time to visit is during the wet season, from April to September, when the waterfall is at its fullest and most spectacular

Cultural and ancient significance

The origin of the name: It derives from the mythical king Ravana of the Indian epic Ramayana. According to local legend, Ravana is said to have concealed Princess Sita within the caves behind the waterfall following her abduction.

These caves, notably the Ravana Ella Cave near the falls, are significant historical sites. They are believed to have been one of the places where Ravana kept Sita hidden.

attractions and sports

Swimming: The pool at the base of the falls is a popular spot for swimming, despite the fact that site visitors ought to exercise caution due to slippery rocks and ranging water degrees.

hiking: There are trails main to the waterfall and nearby viewpoints that offer scenic views of the encompassing region.

photography: The falls are a famous spot for images due to their picturesque setting.

plants and Fauna

Surrounding vegetation: The place round Rawana Falls is opulent with tropical plant life, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts.

  flora and fauna: visitors may stumble upon diverse species of birds, butterflies, and small mammals inside the location.

traveler information

facilities: primary facilities such as parking, restrooms, and small nearby shops are to be had close to the falls.

access charge: No access rate, but there may be prices for parking.

protection pointers: site visitors ought to be careful of slippery rocks, particularly in the course of the wet season. it is beneficial to wear appropriate footwear and comply with neighborhood recommendations.

nearby sights

Ella Rock: A popular trekking destination presenting panoramic perspectives of the surrounding hills.

9 Arches Bridge: A colonial-era railway bridge well-known for its architectural beauty.

Little Adam’s peak: A particularly easy hike with stunning perspectives of the Ella hole.

Rawan Falls is a ought to-go to destination for every body travelling to Ella or exploring the hill us of a of Sri Lanka. Its natural beauty, coupled with its cultural importance, makes it a memorable spot for each local and worldwide vacationers.

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